Becky Derham

My name is Becky Derham, a qualified sling consultant living in Hackney, East London, with my partner Michael and our 8 year old son, Finn.

Michael and I decided before Finn was born that we wanted to carry him in a sling, and read reviews on various parenting sites but hadn’t settled on which one to get by the time he was born. On a shopping trip to a central London department store when he was 4 days old, I picked out a sling and hoped for the best! Michael got on much better with it than I did, so Finn spent many of his early months in the carefully researched pram kindly bought for us by my parents.

The turning point was when I went on the ‘New Baby and Me’ postnatal course at the Active Birth Centre in Archway, facilitated by the wonderful Lynn Murphy who is well known in north London for her work with expectant mothers and babies. One week on the course she showed us all how to use a stretchy wrap, and I immediately went home, got on the internet and ordered one.

All three of us loved it! The freedom of being able to go anywhere and do anything without having to lug a massive pram onto the tube, or wait for a bus with a free buggy space was amazingly liberating. Finn enjoyed being close to us and would happily nap in the sling, or just quietly take in everything that was going on around him at the same level as us adults. I enjoyed having my hands free and being able to get on with a few more things both in and out of the house, knowing that Finn was content.

In 2010 I discovered the world of sling socials and helped revive the North London Sling Meet. Then in March 2011 I was lucky enough to get a place on the first ever Trageschule UK (part of Die Trageschule Dresden network) Foundation course to qualify as a sling consultant. In August 2011 I completed the Advanced course and in November 2011 the Certification course. I have since gone onto train with Je Porte Mon Bebe and Slingababy.

In 2012 I started the North London Sling Library, which is still going strong five years later, and in 2013 I co-founded Slinging London CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise